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鈼?strong>Product Introduction:
Cnospcb also has Rigid-Flex PCB and assembly business, we have a complete supply chain to meet customer needs. The development of FPC and PCB produced a new product of soft and hard board. Therefore, the rigid-flex board is a circuit board with FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics formed by combining flexible and rigid circuit boards through processes such as pressing and combining them in accordance with relevant process requirements.
鈼?Product Specification锛?/strong>
cnospcb can provide customers with PCB proofing services of soft and hard boards to meet the diverse needs of customers. In the rigid-flex board service, cnospcb can do 2-8 layers, the minimum size can be 50*50mm; the maximum size can be 238*440mm; thickness 0.4-2.0mm; copper thickness 0.33-2oz.
鈼?strong>Product Features:
1) Save product internal space
2) Difficult to produce
3) Low pass rate
鈼?Product Application:
The characteristics of the Rigid-Flex board determine that its application areas cover all the application areas of FPC and PCB, such as: mobile phones, keypads and side buttons, computers and LCD screens, mainboards and displays, etc., NOTEBOOK, HDD (hard disk drive) etc.
鈼?Product Detals:
5-8 working days include shipping time
鈼?Safeguards Ordinance
Customized Flexible PCB

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