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Who we are?
Since foundation in 2015 in guangzhou China, we are focus on the original OEM windows COA License stickers in the B2B market segment exclusively.
Our products mainly including MS Window COA key stickers and the OEM activation keys, which sourced from recycled PC in the domestic market in a legally compliant way. Our clients are mostly distributors or resalers with regular needs, those who are only looking for superb products. Because once you chosen the Genuine product, it will be difficult to accept the copy again.
From the past years, 98.5% on-time delivery with a 0.02% error rate to our clients over 30 different countries and areas. It helped our client's business keep growing. The second most important is the low cost, this brought fruitful profits for our clients. The third, but not the last, customer's satisfaction considered as our top priority. Not only a good business relationship, but also enjoy the honesty and carefree during the trading process is our philosophy.

What we offer?
First-class products
Things we are dealing with all sourced from the computer recycle markets in China, they are not copies or counterfeits, also not academic licenses, but 100% original and genuine with legal certainty. Regarding the resell of the used software we can also refer to the Documentary in wikipedia.

Competitive price
Relied on our company reputation and well established resources channels, as well as our large quantity buy-ins ensure that you always get the best price in the market.
Fast delivery
After confirmed our client's order, we use the fastest shipping way by DHL send as documents, it usually take 3-5 working days without any taxes. On-time delivery is what we strive to offer for our clients.
Make it simple
We are not just offered the profitable products, but also inexpensive prices, high-efficiency service, on-time delivery and, above all, absolute reliability. We do all we can to build up and foster trust with you to work cohesively for a long time.

Our Promise
We understand there is a lot of mystery around buying keys online, especially when it comes to their authenticity. We work tirelessly and to strict standards in order to provide only genuine keys.
Specifically in regards to Microsoft products as this is where the most concern occurs; we do not follow the same bad practises that many of our competitors unfortunately do. Namely selling MSDN keys, or the splitting of volume license keys and selling the same key to multiple individuals. Both of these practises are not allowed under Microsoft's EULA, we agree with this and refuse to take part in these practises.
We will only ever sell two types of key to an end consumer, full package product(commonly called FPP) and OEM keys. Both of these will be sold for one activation to a single customer only. FPP keys can be used in any scenario. Use of an OEM System Builder Channel key is subject to the terms of the Microsoft OEM System Builder License displayed clearly on any product page that is an OEM key.
You should find a competitor's price lower than ours, but chances are it is counterfeit. The Windows 7 market is saturated by inexpensive downloads. The license keys provided are not 100% authentic like ours are so they will only work for a period of time if at all. Do not be fooled into buying illegal licenses at basement prices. Remember, you'll get what you pay for!
We sincerely hope our honesty and openness is made clear in the above, however should you have any further questions please do contact us.
Windows 10 OEM key online in stock


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