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The products are mainly used in industrial assembly line production to print the logos of the products produced. The logo can be the production date, shelf life, product number, license number, or barcode. You can use Chinese, English and other languages, as well as special characters or graphics you edit. Because of its fast printing speed, it is irreplaceable for other marking equipment.
The ink can be in a variety of colors, suitable for different printing surfaces and uses, which is also irreplaceable by laser printers, just like our home printers, ink-jet printers and laser printers have different uses and different users .
Nozzle diameter: 65 60 55 50 (micron) optional.
Printing speed: take 20 lines of 5x7 dots composed of double lines of information as an example, the length of the printed information is 3cm and the interval is 3cm It can keep up with the 1m / s conveyor belt, and can print 8 products per second. High-speed printing can meet the needs of faster production line printing.
Standard consumable packaging:
Ink 500ml / bottle
Solvent 500ml / bottle
The new machine is equipped at the factory with one bottle of test machine ink and one bottle of test machine solvent.
Consumables consumption: Take 5x7 dots to form characters as an example, each character requires an average of 20 ink dots, each 500ml of ink can produce 468,750,000 ink dots, can print 23,000,000 characters, but this is not absolute, it is possible More may be less, mainly depends on the complexity of the characters, if printing Chinese characters, because the number of ink dots required for each composition of Chinese characters is much more, so the amount of printing will be reduced a lot.
In general, the consumption ratio of our ink and solvent is 1: 2, that is, we need to add two bottles of solvent to use a bottle of ink to compensate for the evaporation of the solvent during the working process of the equipment.China Coding Machine

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